About Us:

Nomad Moodle Initiatives, a key organisation in the Moodle ecosystem, specialises in delivering Moodle-based solutions for its customers in India.

Our objective is to provide necessary impetus to Sustainable Development Goal No. 4 which looks at a world where every child has access to quality education. Pursuing the Open Source philosophy embodied by Moodle, the company intends to harness the most relevant Open Source Educational Technology to improve the quality of education in the global South. We would like to describe us as an educational company leveraging technology to promote educational equality in the world.


We do not sell technology … we transfer it.

We specialise in supporting Corporate Social Responsibility-related Moodle-focussed educational projects, NGOs, public charities and multilateral organisations in achieving United Nations sustainable development goals.  We also have a strong focus in supporting not-for-profit educational institutions.

Nomad’s key offerings include affordable but reliable Moodle hosting solutions, administration and maintenance of Moodle instances, courseware development, designing 2D and 3D environment for educational content, educational radio over IP solutions, and teacher training programmes to upgrade their skills for the digital age.

However, we are no techno-fixers. We believe in the practices around Social Construction of Technology and reject the idea of technological determinism. It is not the technology that could or should shape the society, but social context must shape the technology instead. This implies that we look at technology as a part of the social and political process rather than just a tool or service that dwells in the realm of “experts”. We want communities to be practitioners of technology rather than consumers of it.

Nomad defends the position that technological development involves not only a production of finalised tools but also the participatory process of production. The ecological, economic and social consequences of our work are as important to us as our tools. Hence we emphasize on linking technological development to specific practices of a community in a given context. Each context is to be considered as a new situation in which to experiment and invent. Nomad aims to extend the GNU perspective to technology in general.

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