K-12 Schools

Empowering Education with Open Source Innovation

Digitizing a school’s learning and teaching requirements can bring numerous benefits, such as improved access to educational resources, enhanced communication between students and teachers, and streamlined administrative processes. At Nomad, we walk with you on this path customising the Moodle LMS and other products to suit your school’s needs. ​

What we do

Nomad is committed to guiding and supporting schools as they navigate the process of adapting technological solutions for education. Our team provides guidance, expertise, and assistance every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and successful journey in adapting these technologies for  your specific needs.

Moodle Hosting, Installation and Customisation

Nomad assists schools in hosting their own branded Moodle LMS. From installation, customisation,  course creation and implementation, schools can now complement traditional methods, creating a blended learning approach that combines the strengths of both face to face and digital learning.

We believe that the integration of technology into education should be done thoughtfully, with a focus on pedagogical goals and the best interests of students.

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