If your workflow demands a private hosting for your educational video, you are in the right place. We can host an Open Source private video server, which you can configure the way you like. You can choose which video should be monitized and which one should be free. You are in charge of the space where your video resides.

Now imagine that your video server can talk to other such servers and share content. That is now possible with Federated Media Platforms. If these ideas appeal you talk to us today.

Subscription Plans

No Plan Resources Bandwidth Storage Billed Monthly Billed Yearly
1 VS100 8 Shared CPUs, 8GB RAM 5 TB/Month 160 GB SSD 280.20$ 2,576.37$
2 VS200 16 Shared CPUs 16GB RAM 6 TB/Month 320 GB SSD 530.38$
3 VS500
8 Dedicated CPUs, 32 GB RAM 5 TB/Month 100 GB SSD + 500 GB Volume 970.69$ 8,925.30$
4 VS1000 16 Dedicated CPUs, 32 GB RAM 7 TB/Month 200 GB SSD + 1000 GB Volume 1,941.37$ 17,850.59$

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How does it work

It is like any other web server dishing out video on demand. You can configure it to  be a clone of Youtube or Vimeo but the better utilisation is to configure you video server to suite your workflow

What Technology is used ?

It is built on the Open Source LAMP stack with ffmpeg being at the core of encoding server. It is built as a combination of a streaming server and an encoding server. The base installation could be extended by variety of plugins to bring in many more functionalities.

Do I need any technical skill to maintain the server

If you take a managed hosting package, we take care of all the technical requirements. If you want us to install on your server we will do that at a fixed cost. For maintenance you can buy our support hours.

Is it very expensive to host a video server?

Well, the answer depends on the usage. The main cost in a video server is the bandwidth and storage. You need to judge how many videos would you like to host at what resolution. The second important question is how many people are goin to watch you videos and for what duration. By answering these questions you can arrive at the expected cost per month.

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Turnkey Solution

If you are planning an internet radio venture, we can provide a turnkey solution from servers to clients. Get in touch to discuss your project with us.

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